CADA Porsche 919 Hybrid Test Car

I’m not a fast driver, never have been. I’ve had one speeding ticket all my life and that’s not because I enjoy the sensation of speed, it’s because I was late for dinner and I’m afraid of my wife. So I cannot fathom driving this beast by builder NikolayFX. Then again, there’s only a handful of drivers in the world Porsche would trust behind the wheel, and I’m not one of them.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Tonight! Tommy works on his Nerdly. ElBarto watches it snow. And Firas Abu-Jaber builds a car. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he’s back with a LEGO version of this deadly rear-engined super-car! So, you ask, what’s the deal with all those numbers and letters? And more letters? Some say each extra letter adds about twenty grand to the price tag. But that would be over simplifying the subtle yet dramatic differences within the 911 family. Therefore, creating a LEGO version that’s immediately recognizable- How hard can it be? I think we all know the answer to that… Nicely done, Firas!

LEGO MOC Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Build This Porsche

The Arvo brothers are back, this time with some classic German automobile engineering. Way back in 2009 they built their first 911, and haven't lost their passion for this iconic performance car. This time however they've gone a step further, by making instructions so you too can build this beast. Hit them up at to get your hands on them.

911 Targa

Vroomy Vroomy, Smashy Smashy

What better way to show your excitement for the LEGO Porsche than to crash test it? The leading computer magazine in Germany, c't, ran a contest giving away one of these orange beauties, but they also crash tested one with the help of the German motor club ADAC. And by crash test I don't mean tossing off your balcony (I still get hate mail for that), they used an actual crash test facility and shot it from many, many angles with high speed cameras. The results are pretty epic.

Porsche 919 Le Mans

This is speed, this is engineering, this is sexy. Builder Manuel Nascimento has built a Technic tribute to one of the fastest, sleekest and most famous race cars, the Porsche 919. It only takes a glance to see this was a labor of love, but it's in the details you see the true devotion. Click through for more pictures and check out the video.