RC McLaren Senna

I remember having an RC car back in the day. An awesome cherry red Ferrari Enzo with silver rims and even headlights that you could turn on. This bad boy would zoom around the house at ungodly speeds, until it would eventually crash into a wall every time. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure my 8 year old self would not mind having this McLaren Senna by morimorilego instead. A new ride built out of my favorite toy! But I can’t imagine the damage of crashing this RC car into a wall. Absolutely brutal.

Arm Made of LEGO!

David Aguilar, born without a right forearm due to a genetic condition, has built one for himself out of LEGO bricks. In fact, it’s mostly from set #9396. He’s an engineering student in Spain and has been creating his own LEGO arms since age 9. The latest version, inspired by Iron Man, has a bendable elbow and gripping hand. Check out the video. His goal after he graduates is to build affordable prosthetics for people in need. Excellent!

How about a repulsor on the next one, David?

Awesome Scale Tires For Technic

The fine folks at Pro-Line Racing are not only passionate about RC racing, they're also big into LEGO. So imagine their delight and surprise to discover that the off road tires they developed for RC also happen to fit on LEGO technic vehicles. Not only do they fit, they look amazing! Check out the video below for more details and visit them at www.prolineracing.com and for a limited time use the code PROLINEBRICK10 to save 10%.


Go Anywhere, Do Anything

One of my favorite family cars growing up was my dad's Jeep. It was obnoxious orange, bouncy, and uncomfortable, and we all loved it. So I have a natural soft spot for the venerable Jeep, and when I saw this beast by builder Horcik Designs I knew instantly I was going to blog it. And while I absolutely love my Toyota Tacoma, I could see myself towing my new Airstream with this without using much imagination.

Slightly Heretic
Slightly Heretic