Bentley Blower

I won't bother to summarize Bricksonwheels excellent history of the famous Bentley Le Mans racer from 1930, but I will say that I couldn't believe it was LEGO from the thumbnail on Flickr.  All that dark green!   He built it like the real car, from the chassis up.  He's got some nice custom stickers on there, and chrome where appropriate.  There's even a rubber tarp over the back seat.  Sir Henry Birkin must have had a blast!

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (with back cover)

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5

Neo Classic Speeders

Mankind has been destined for space-travel ever since we first gazed up into the stars and wondered what was out there. The problem is that not everyone likes the exploring and science side of space, some of us just want to race on other planets. That is where builder Sad Brick (aww, cheer up buddy!) has stepped in and imaged what it would be like to race on another planet with one of our best space-buddies.
As a side note, this build is proof that you don't need a lot of LEGO bricks to come up with something cool and interesting.

Neo Classic Speeder