Barn Find

This is every vintage car fanatics dream, the barn find. You’re passing through a rural area, decide to stop for lunch at a little greasy spoon. As you dig into your chicken fried steak an old timer at the counter spots your hat, a distinctive but maybe obscure car logo (mine would be an old VW Wolfsburg crest) and walks over. As he drops in the seat across from you he points at your hat “you like old cars huh?” As you nod yes with a mouth full of food he tells you about the old car he has in his barn. He bought it 40 years ago and was going to fix it up, but it’s just been sitting there covered with a tarp ever since. You agree that this needs to be seen, and the rest is a hell of a story for the people in your car club. Builder Norton74 shows us what this might look like with a classic Ford Mustang, and it’s a dream come true.

LEGO 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster

Engineering, design, and technology are always evolving, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they get better. Because I can’t see anything to improve upon with Firas Abu-Jaber’s latest creation: the 1936 Merc 500K. It may not do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. It probably doesn’t have Apple Car Play, either. And don’t even ask about miles to the gallon. But when it comes to timeless style and craftsmanship, this car is hard to beat, in both metal and LEGO. Nicely done, Firas!

LEGO 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster (W29)

Bentley Blower

I won't bother to summarize Bricksonwheels excellent history of the famous Bentley Le Mans racer from 1930, but I will say that I couldn't believe it was LEGO from the thumbnail on Flickr.  All that dark green!   He built it like the real car, from the chassis up.  He's got some nice custom stickers on there, and chrome where appropriate.  There's even a rubber tarp over the back seat.  Sir Henry Birkin must have had a blast!

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (with back cover)

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5

Classic Wheels

I think it's possible I was born in the wrong century when it comes to car appreciation. I'm either fascinated with an old time classic, or looking to the future. It's quite possible that it's because most contemporary cars, starting about the 70's to now, lack design or craftsmanship. But check out the lines of this classic Lambda by builder looooookl. Sure you may look at it and think "Chicago gangster", but I look at it and think "golden age of hollywood".

Lancia 1922

Texaco Tanker

Based on the 1930's Dodge Airflow, builder red 2 has masterfully recreated this classic tanker truck.  It features opening doors, rear and side hatches, hood, and glove box.  It's even got a tilting seat, which would come in pretty handy when the driver needed to take a snooze between deliveries, I suppose.  That was before GPS tracking.

1930's Airflow Petrol Tanker

Le Garage

There are a few things in life that I really geek out about, the first being LEGO, of course, the second being automobiles. When you put the two together and add a little bit (or in this case, a lot) of charm you have me hook, line and sinker. The charm is in this case that builder brickbink didn't just create another auto shop, but he created an old French auto shop. The details are just perfectly French, from the building and automobile design, to the baguette on the work bench, and finally the mustachioed mechanic.

le garage
le garage