The Spinshot 2600™

Can’t a pilot repair his craft in peace? If you’re tired of getting mauled while making minor repairs off world consider a Spinshot 2600™ auto turret. The Spinshot features an ARM96a processor and cutting edge AI to keep you safe. With motion, thermal, computer vision and audio sensors, it’s watching your back at all times. With a .002 second reaction time, high torque neomidium actuators and a full 360º sweep, it’s got the capability you’re looking for. The Spinshot 2600™, firepower with a brain.

I don’t know why I can’t just say “check out this cool ship by Legohaulic”, I just can’t help myself sometimes.

The Automotive Makerspace: The Garage

As I've said in the past, we're all makers. And a very large percentage of houses around the world have had a makerspace built in for centuries, the garage. This interior by builder Pixeljunkie looks more like a professional garage though, and it's wonderful. You can practically smell the oil and welding fumes, hear the pinging of metal on metal. The lighting and mood is captured perfectly in this shot, nicely done sir, nicely done.

Vintage Garage

Recon Shuttle

I absolutely love the presentation of this cool shuttle by Horcik Designs. See how the lighting of the background for the most part matches the lighting of the ship? That's an often overlooked detail when photographing MOCs with the intention of editing over a background. It can make or break a shot, and as you can see here it totally makes it.

Leaving orbit

Leica III

As an old school photographer, starting back when we used (gasp!) film, I've always appreciated the classic styling of the Leica. I've never owned one, or even held one for that matter, but admired from a distance. This oversized model by Milan CMadge captures it's essence perfectly, so well in fact that from a thumbnail you can barely tell it's brick-built. And if you're having trouble determining the scale of this thing, just look at the neck strap attachments on the side, it's a monster. Or you can just check out this image.

Leica III

Rockin' In Wonderland

Talk about eye catching. This musical scene from Alice in Wonderland is as much about the photography as it is the build. Julius von Brunk brings us this colorful and whimsical scene, showing Alice, Hatter, March Hare and the White Rabbit absolutely rocking. The shot was accomplished with the clever use of multicolor party spotlights, a great effect expertly done.

Rainbow in the Dark