Flight Of The Luck Dragon

As if the modification builder JK Brickworks made to LEGO 80102 Dragon Dance for smoother motion wasn’t cool enough, now he’s gone and added some 80’s nostalgia to it. Yes, it’s Falcor from The NeverEnding Story, flying smooth as silk thanks to some further modifications to the mechanism for even smoother sine wave motion. Check out the video to really appreciate the hard work and ingenuity that went into this.

There Be Dragons Here

When I lived in London my commute took me through Chinatown every day, it was just a few blocks south of where I worked in Soho. One night, which just happened to be Chinese New Year, I rounded a corner just as the celebration started. My timing couldn't have been better, it went from normal London hustle bustle noise to sudden cacophony as drums started playing, fire crackers went off and the crowd cheered. And in the middle of it all, was a dragon, not unlike this outstanding depiction by builder Rhymes_Shelter. This was the first time I'd seen a legitimate dragon, and I was transfixed. I stopped dead in my tracks, the pressing need to get back to my tiny flat suddenly erased, and I watched.

Earth Dragon

I think it's really too bad there's no dragons in the world. Whether or not this is because they've all died off or never existed in the first place I'll leave up to you. Luckily we can sort of bring them to life (or bring them back, again, up to you) through art and media, and that's exactly what builder Henjin_Quilones has done with this awesome rendition of Kijani the Earth Dragon.

Kijani the Earth Dragon

Taz Na Rok

Builder Pol Mac is pretty freshly out of his dark ages, but seems to have come out with a vengeance, check out this gorgeous (first ever) dragon! It's designed to be flexible without big gaps in the body, and I'd say it was successful. My favorite detail has to be the eyes though, what a simple, elegant solution. The combination of lever base and mudguard has instant expression.

Taz Na Rok
Taz Na Rok