Quite possibly the most popular female comic villain (it really depends on who you ask, and comic book fans are a spirited and passionate group) and certainly the most popular female comic villain cosplay is Harley Quinn. One trip to San Diego Comic Con and you’ll see them everywhere (Nerdly even has a pic with one!) Builder Paddy Bricksplitter decided to take a stab at a smaller articulated version of her using parts and techniques recently in use. All I can say is NAILED IT!

Iron Man

I wouldn’t classify myself as a diehard Marvel fan, there’s been quite a few of the movies I’ve skipped. It’s not that I had anything against them, I just wasn’t interested. I may be suffering a from a bit of super hero fatigue, but I’m also perfectly fine with it. Some of the characters just don’t grab me, but one that does, and one of the movies that absolutely nailed it, was the first Iron Man. While I wasn’t a big comic reader as a kid, I was a Spiderman and Iron Man fan, and I’ll admit I was really skeptical when they announced it. But I loved it, still do, so this excellent sculpture of Iron Man by Aaron Brick Designer instantly had my attention.

I'll Drink To That

It’s still early September, but don’t bother pointing it out to this couple crafted by Miro78. He’s wearing lederhosen and holding a pint, she’s wearing a dirndl and holding a pretzel, and they’re no doubt listening to some fabulous oom pah pah music as they celebrate Oktoberfest. Coincidentally, I made bavarian style pretzels just last night (no really, I posted a pic on Facebook).