The Most Important Meal Of The Day

You shouldn’t skip breakfast. Your body needs fuel to run, and if you’re going to be productive at work or school, you need energy. It’s also delicious, or at least is when it’s not brick-built like this stunning stack of yummy blueberry pancakes by builder LittleJohn. While they may not hold any nutritional value, they’re a feast for the eyes.

A Healthy Start

There’s nothing like waking up Sunday morning to the smell of breakfast being cooked over the stove. It’s a great way to start the day and let us not forget that it is the most important meal of the day! -Little John has given us a delicious appetizer for his new series of builds that will probably make me hungry every time I look at them. But above all, this moc shows that every one deserves a healthy and fresh start, even those broken pieces of brown Lego.

Mmmm, Burger

I love cheeseburgers, it's one of my favorite foods. I could be within walking distance of a multitude of restaurants, perhaps even Michelin star rated ones, but I'd be just as happy at In-N-Out. And now of course I'm going to have to have a burger for lunch because of this awesome MOC by nobu_tary. It's also the first use of the new Unikitty base I've seen and it's brilliant.



Ah, the bento box, a lovely and delicious Japanese tradition that I truly wish we would embrace here in the states. I think Americans would benefit from a healthy, meticulously arranged and lovingly crafted single serving lunch box like this one from builder Moko (well, perhaps not brick-built, very little nutritional value in ABS). But instead, we get the $5 Fill Ups from KFC, ugh.



Cheeseburgers are the perfect food. Think about it, you have the whole food pyramid in one little, delicious package (assuming you get some veg on there, pickles are delicious). Builder Gilcélio must be a fan too, judging by these scrumptious looking mini burgers. Not only do the look yummy, they're a pretty cool little assembly of nifty part uses, like the capes and the green army men bases for pickles.

Mini burger and ketchup

The Iron Burger

As things heat up in this round of Iron Builder the two competitors are stepping it up. I love cheeseburgers, they're one of my favorite foods. I also have a family history with them, since my dad started a very successful burger joint that continues to thrive to this day. So I find this latest build by Leopard irresistible (and now I'm craving a cheeseburger).

The Iron Burger*