The thumbnail of this brilliant MOC by timofey_tkachev totally got me. I was scrolling right past it, because it was just a picture of a monitor right? I don't have to ask you to imagine how I felt to discover with delight it's brick-built, I assume you just went through the same discovery. This is the front page of the Russian LEGO club, I can't read a word of it, but I don't care.


Getting A Handle On Things

This one fooled me, I mean really fooled me. I looked at this thumbnail and thought "well, that's an unusual color for a door handle". Then stared at it for a second more and thought "I guess that's why they took a picture of it". Yes, I was so confused by the nature of the picture of a door handle that I failed to notice it was brick-built. Well played Grant, well played.


The 21st Century Ball And Chain

Ordo makes a good photo and a good point about where the relationship between technology and social interaction has gone.  My dad calls smartphones "the electric bellybutton" because everywhere you go you see people looking down and constantly fiddling with their fingers.  The smartphone really is a double-edged sword.

The brick-built phone isn't the only impressive model here--it's an ensemble.  The tiled wall, the electrical socket, and the phone's charger look real to me and sell this photo. 


MOColate Cake

Here is a tasty-looking chocolate cake by UK builder Luc Byard.  Luc says he drew inspiration from a series of builds called 'Foodcember' at the end of 2015 by Kosbrick, I'm drawing inspiration to put on a couple more pounds. I like the use of a minifig cape as a decoration, neat.  And there's a nice fork too...

...use the fork, Luc! (sorry, couldn't resist)

MOColate dessert 1

Elegant Telecommunications

Now don't get me wrong, I think my iPhone (and all of it's predecessors) have been beautiful designs, but I wouldn't call them 'elegant'. Phones dating back to the art deco and art nouveau era however, were stunning art pieces that you happened to make calls with. Take for instance this brilliant MOC by kosbrick. It is representative of a time when form and function effortlessly intertwined, and is as lovely to look at as it is useful for communicating.

Vintage Phone