Jack And The Beanstalk

What a whimsical and wonderful image by builder Grant Davis. A fairytale classic, Jack ascending the beanstalk to find the giant's castle. If not for that familiar texture in the background you'd hardly know it was LEGO. I knew when the seed part of this round of Iron Builder was revealed we'd see some interesting stuff, but the creativity on this round has been off the scale. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Getting A Handle On Things

This one fooled me, I mean really fooled me. I looked at this thumbnail and thought "well, that's an unusual color for a door handle". Then stared at it for a second more and thought "I guess that's why they took a picture of it". Yes, I was so confused by the nature of the picture of a door handle that I failed to notice it was brick-built. Well played Grant, well played.


Admit It, You Used To Shoot At That Damn Snarky Dog

For s generation, this was the screen of total frustration. With the original Nintendo Entertainment System there was an accessory called the Light Gun, and while there were a few games that took advantage of it, this game ruled supreme. Duck Hunt was simple enough, shoot the ducks, but it could be difficult. And as if it's wasn't frustrating enough, this dog would taunt you after every round. This MOC by Pate-keetongu captures that moment perfectly, when you pointlessly aim your pistol at that dog and unleash.

Duck Hunt