They call him the Gunsect. He’s the baddest bug in the west, and he’s here to bring law and order to the lands beyond the hive. This gun slinging, crumb eating critter by Paddy Bricksplitter is here to shoot first and ask questions latter. After a hard days work, maybe a few poker games, you can be sure to see him ride off into the sunset. Or is that a giant bug zapper? Nobody knows.

Teeming With Bugs

On a recent visit to Hawaii I remembered something about home that I take for granted, very few bugs. It takes a trip outside your bubble sometimes to realize what you have. Not that I have anything against bugs (at least the ones that don't want to nibble on me). But I suppose if all bugs had fun googly eyes like these from legorobo:waka they would be more entertaining to be around.