Imperial Airship Bricktania

Whenever I see an craft like this beautiful airship from builder Dale Harris I immediately go into filmmaker mode. I’m imagining not only this ship on a pedestal in front of a green screen, but the camera rig to shoot it, the composites to put it into whatever background is needed, the scene in which it’s featured and the music that would accompany it. Weird huh?

Check out more pics and several other excellent builds at his website

Rotten Pumpkin

Fall is here. I know this by the subtle clues that have been left for me, like falling leaves, Halloween stuff in every store, and pumpkin spice everything at every turn. While I’ll happily pass on pumpkin spice marshmallows thank you very much, I do have to say I dig this imaginative and whimsical biplane from builder Markus "madstopper78" Ronge. It’s part of his larger epic fantasy world Full Steam, which it getting so much more intricate and expansive that soon I’m sure we’ll all remember watching episodes and arguing about whether or not it’s real.

Flintlocke's Fighter Plane "Rotten Pumpkin"
Netbrix "Full Steam" S. 1/Ep. 6 "Lights Out!"

Full Steam

This is presentation taken to the next level. Builder Markus "madstopper78" Ronge has not only crafted some amazing builds, he’s imagined an entire mini universe, Full Steam. It’s like LEGO plus fan fiction, but not just a backstory, a whole…thing! Tune into an imaginary network to watch an imaginary series featuring amazing builds, it’s brilliant. And this ship plus the display around it are just stunning. I’m not a huge Ninjago fan, but I think I’d watch this.

"Full Steam" S. 1/ Ep. 4 "The Last Raid of the Sky Pirates"
"Full Steam" S. 1/ Ep. 4 "The Last Raid Of The Sky Pirates"
"Full Steam" S. 1/ Ep. 4 "The Last Raid Of The Sky Pirates"