Tea Ceremony

Character builder extraordinaire Eero Okkonen is back with a rare diorama. This time it’s a tranquil scene in feudal Japan, a tea ceremony. I could go into some details about this, but they would pale in comparison with the extensive blog post Eero has done, head over there and read up on and see more pictures of this wondrous and beautiful build.

Steampunk Samurai Iron Man

My old pal Kevin Ryhal, aka M<O><O>DSWIM, has come up with a truly unique mash-up!  He's been creating all sorts of cool combos over the years, from Steampunk Gundams, to Darth Skeletor.   But I just looked through his photostream to make sure.  This is the first time he's gone for three genres in one.  "Jarvis-san, bring the boilers to full power!"

Samurai Sanctuary

Just looking at this MOC is relaxing. This very tranquil MOC samurai sanctuary by builder NeverEnoughLego premiered at Brickfair VA, much to the appreciation of those there (I wish I could have been there). In my brief time in Japan I spent my time in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, and I really wish I could have found a place like this to spend a little time, it's beautiful.

A Story of War

Often, a good LEGO build hints at a backstory, but a great one tells a story of its own. This fairly simple build by legophthalmos showing a samurai warrior departing for battle is an excellent example of how to effectively tell a complex story with a visual medium like LEGO. The thought-provoking narrative shown here, combined with some very slick building, makes for an impressive overall effect.

departure of the Samurai