Samurai Mech

I was stunned to learn that builder Eero Okkonen constructed this gorgeous behemoth in two days, TWO DAYS! I know I’m a slow builder, glacially slow any more (seriously, my current MOC has been on the table in the studio for well over a year) but this just blows my mind. Sometimes it’s the pressure of a contest deadline that can kick a build into overdrive, in this case the Eurobricks Ninjago Contest. But to beat the deadline with such an awesome figure, color me impressed.


What is the biggest problem LEGO builders face? No, not the price of LEGO. Not the illegal building techniques either. It’s not even the time waiting for the next BrickNerd blog. It’s of course finding the right darn piece! Now if only we could all have this perfect little companion built by Sven Franic to help us find those pesky parts life would be so much simpler. I highly recommend checking out the article that explores the new Ninjago turntable piece used for the hands which you can find here.


Digging holes sucks, just ask anyone who digs holes. And wherever there’s a job that sucks there’s a need for a robot to do that job for us. Luckily there’s DB-Y3, or “Drillbilly” by builder roΙΙi. Drillbilly can not only take care of those needed holes in the ground, he can do so with a wide range of emotions, and anyone who has dug holes will confirm, there’s a spectrum. It goes from quiet resignation to bitter regret and questioning of life choices.


I’ll set the scene for you: The wind is still howling, the worst of the storm as passed but it’s not quite over. The station is in ruins, all around you is destruction. Seven months of work, all gone. You and a handful of Alpha Centauri engineers are huddled in the “panic pod”, the E26 Crew Emergency Shelter. While there’s enough M5 ration packs to last a week, your future is uncertain, and this is on everyone’s mind as you all stoically look at each other. The lights flicker in the pod, and everyone instinctively looks at the fuel cell monitor, the LCD is cracked, but it still functions, it flashes a grim message…”Vapor barrier compromised, safety protocol initiated”. You all know what that means, less than 12 hours of heat and light, this pod just became a coffin. As you all wrap your head around this heartbreaking reality you hear a muffled, rhythmic pounding. As you cautiously peer out of the single view of the world around you, a small round window with scratched 4 inch sapphire glass, the sound becomes louder. In the distance, obscured by flying dust and debris, a shape emerges from the haze. A large, bipedal figure looms ominously, but instead of fear or dread, you can barely contain your joy. “It’s Lenny!” you exclaim as the other crew members shout out in excitement, you are saved.

Bad Robot!

“How many times have I told you not to scuff up these floors with your traction plates! We just had them installed!” Although I’m a big fan of edited photos, where a mech such as this might be tromping through some inhospitable alien environment, I decided to go with this shot, with a grown woman for scale. Yeah, that’s right, it probably weighs more than she does. Iomedes!… has really outdone himself with his Zorin class heavy bot “Butch Bunny” inspired by Walking War Robots video game. Check out the other high-res pics in his photostream to see the phenomenal details. There’s one with minfigs for scale, too, but I prefer this one.