Builder Paddy Bricksplitter describes Hobson here at a “Faithful robotic butler to the idle rich” so I can say with complete confidence you will never see him at my house. Not that I am not rich, it’s just that I’m never idle…and I’m not rich. But he does seem very proper, well dressed and goes about his tasks with a certain panache, which I can appreciate.

MF-10 Diamond Empress

I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t much LEGO mech coverage on this blog. This isn’t because I have anything against them, it’s simply because I’ve run out of words for them. I see them all the time and think “hey, that’s pretty awesome” but beyond saying “hey, this is pretty awesome” I have no idea what to write. So when I scrolled past this mostly transparent mech by builder Moko that was the usual response, but it’s just so unusual and nifty I had to share. By the way, if you’re a LEGO mech fan with more to say and would like to blog about it, come join the Nerd Herd.


What is the biggest problem LEGO builders face? No, not the price of LEGO. Not the illegal building techniques either. It’s not even the time waiting for the next BrickNerd blog. It’s of course finding the right darn piece! Now if only we could all have this perfect little companion built by Sven Franic to help us find those pesky parts life would be so much simpler. I highly recommend checking out the article that explores the new Ninjago turntable piece used for the hands which you can find here.


Digging holes sucks, just ask anyone who digs holes. And wherever there’s a job that sucks there’s a need for a robot to do that job for us. Luckily there’s DB-Y3, or “Drillbilly” by builder roΙΙi. Drillbilly can not only take care of those needed holes in the ground, he can do so with a wide range of emotions, and anyone who has dug holes will confirm, there’s a spectrum. It goes from quiet resignation to bitter regret and questioning of life choices.