How We Used To Compute

Back when I was a young child, this is what computers looked like. I was in high school before they started showing up at everyone’s house. The incredible thing is, that phone in your pocket probably has more computing power and storage than this entire room (or one that this room represents, let’s face it this one is full of plastic toys). A totally retro build by Jalex.

Fill 'Er Up!

It takes one look at a classic Coca-Cola machine, a vintage radio or even a gas pump to see how we as humans used to really care about aesthetics. While modern design can be nice, a truly beautiful item is rare these days, and always celebrated, which makes me wonder why there isn't more beautiful stuff? Builder Norton74 gets it, and has crafted this vintage gas pump, which served a simple purpose, and looked good doing it.

Fill 'er up!

Retro Kitchen

We blogged Chris McVeigh's retro fridge when it premiered way back in 2014. Ever since then he's been thinking about adding a matching range, and it's finally here! While I'm not sure these appliances would fit in to my existing kitchen, I'm really not opposed to redoing the whole thing around them (and we could get rid of these universally hated, tiled countertops!)

Retro Range, Refrigerator
Retro Range