Andy's Hamburgers

Everyone loves a good hamburger. I mean how could you not? They are convenient, customizable, and not to mention very tasty! The only thing that can make them better though is when they are served from a snazzy restaurant like this one by Andrea Lattanzio. The beautiful vintage architecture and the millions of details are enough to make me forget my deep craving for a juicy burger for just a moment. Mmmmmm, hamburgers…

Gotta Go Fast!

For as long as we've been building machines to go reasonably fast, there's been a select few who make them go unreasonably fast. And with the invention of the internal combustion engine, the speed (and the stakes) got even higher, and we've been fascinated since. Like this scene marvelously recreated by builder Pixeljunkie of 1929 Monoco Grand Prix featuring his beautiful Bugatti, the crowd loves it.

1929 MONACO Grand Prix feat. Bugatti Type 37A

Tram 60

Growing up in California, especially on the central coast with frequent trips to Los Angeles, we never saw much public transportation. I'm afraid the car reigns supreme here, and life in Los Angeles is next to impossible without one. This is probably why I'm so enamored with trollies, trains and cool busses, and why I find this tram by Pate-keetongu so irresistible. I also enjoy a good period or vintage build, this one is set at a time three times my age, and that's pretty old.

Tram 60 at Imperial Square
Tram 60 at Imperial Square

Bickle Seagrave Fire Truck

Since humans got smart enough to build houses, we've been dumb enough to set them on fire. And going way, way back we've had groups of brave individuals willing to risk their lives to combat those fires. Eventually we built vehicles to help with the task, like this fire truck from the oldest fire apparatus manufacturer in America, Bickle Seagrave. Builder Nouvilas does this classic justice in this build.

Bickle Seagrave fire truck

Fill 'Er Up!

It takes one look at a classic Coca-Cola machine, a vintage radio or even a gas pump to see how we as humans used to really care about aesthetics. While modern design can be nice, a truly beautiful item is rare these days, and always celebrated, which makes me wonder why there isn't more beautiful stuff? Builder Norton74 gets it, and has crafted this vintage gas pump, which served a simple purpose, and looked good doing it.

Fill 'er up!

Fill 'Er Up!

Since the first cars hit the road we've been on the eternal hunt for the fuel to make them go. I'm sure in those early days routes needed to be pretty carefully mapped out, because gas stations were a much more random and homegrown affair, much like this quaint MOC by Norton74. But back then I'm sure there was much more feeling of adventuring while out on the open road. "Getting there" truly was half the fun.

Antique gas station