BrickNerd LiveBuild - Star Wars Timekeeping And Holiday Polybags


It's December, and that means we're counting down to two things Star Wars The Last Jedi and Christmas (not necessarily in that order). And what better way to count down that with a LEGO clock or watch? Join me as I check out a new Stormtrooper alarm clock and BB-8 watch as build a couple holiday polybags. Anything that passes the time before Santa visits is a good thing right?

Vintage Home Decor

What a time it must have been in the late 1800's and early 1900's, a fanciful new invention was coming out practically every month, opportunity was everywhere and craftsmen still made the furniture. The occupant of this study must have been fairly well to do, but had excellent taste. Builder Jared Chan shows us how vintage is done.

Vintage Home Decor (2017)

Working LEGO Clock Has As Much Form As It Has Function

Builder gonkius has crafted a thing of beauty here, a fully functional clock with an NXT at it's core. This isn't some fancy trick clock with a motor driving the hands, it's a fully functional clockwork with an escapement and pendulum. It's a wonder of LEGO engineering, and beautifully built, and it's just as gorgeous with it's skin on. Check out the video to see it in action and click through for more pictures.