Gingerbread Village

Just yesterday the smell of gingerbread was strong in my house as we prepared three dozen gingerbread men for our son’s concert last night. It’s an aroma and taste that is absolutely intertwined with the holidays and one I look forward to every year. This inviting and delectable village by builder Deborah Higdon looks as delicious as it does seasonal, and evokes memories of scents, songs and the holiday spirit.

Catch A Ride On Santa

Builder has turned the concept of a kiddie ride a bit on it’s head (or it’s bowl-full-of-jelly belly?) Here we see a reindeer enjoying a ride on Santa, while the elves try to keep it all under control. What you don’t see here is the other eight reindeer (assuming Rudolph is going to get in on this action) waiting in line for their turn.

'Tis The Season

There are several clues that the holidays are upon us. For one, EVERY retailer has already flooded the shelves with stuff slathered in glitter. Second, the premium car companies have started their annual “you don’t really love your spouse unless you bought him/her a car” campaigns. But most importantly Chris McVeigh has unveiled his first ornament of the season! It’s also a compliment for one of my personal favorites from a couple years ago, the burger. Head over to his website to download instructions and start the season off right, with some building!

Post Holiday Blues

Yes, Christmas is over. Sure some of the neighbors still have lights on their houses, and there's still presents that have yet to have found a place in the house, but it's over. But just like those couple of things that are always overlooked when you put all the decorations away (happens every year) there's always a few brilliant creations that didn't quite get posted before the unofficial cutoff of the season, New Years Day. But I don't mind sharing this lovely little MOC by _Tiler a few days "late". For one, the lighting is fantastic, and illustrates perfectly the importance of lighting when you photograph your MOC. But there's also some very clever building here, namely the edging on the carpet there. How the heck was that done?

"– Looks like you've got one too!"


It doesn't snow here where I live in California, so snowmen have always been a source of fascination to me. Of course I've visited the snow, and built snowmen, but it always seemed a bit novel to me that people can spend the entire winter with one of these guys guarding their front yard. Well now thanks to builder Swan Dutchman, we have one guarding the blog roll.


Toy Soldier

I love Disneyland almost as much as Christmas (or is it the other way around?) so when the two are combined I am automatically happy. If you've never visited Disneyland during the holidays you're missing out, it's the most magical time of the year at the happiest place on earth, plus they have gingerbread men. Toy soldiers have been walking in the parade since the early 60's and are always a crowd favorite. Thanks Swan Dutchman for a little holiday and Disney cheer!

Toy Soldier