'Tis The Season

There are several clues that the holidays are upon us. For one, EVERY retailer has already flooded the shelves with stuff slathered in glitter. Second, the premium car companies have started their annual “you don’t really love your spouse unless you bought him/her a car” campaigns. But most importantly Chris McVeigh has unveiled his first ornament of the season! It’s also a compliment for one of my personal favorites from a couple years ago, the burger. Head over to his website to download instructions and start the season off right, with some building!

The 2017 Christmas Collection

Last night I ate a gingerbread cookie with my wife in the great room at Disney's Grand Californian while listening to the pianist playing holiday classics. Then we watched holiday fireworks and it snowed on Main Street. It's fair to say I'm now squarely in a Christmas mood. Which makes it absolutely perfect timing for Chris McVeigh's 2017 Christmas Collection. What better way to get the season going than to build some positively charming ornaments, and this year's collection is fantastic. Head over to chrismcveigh.com for these and many more instructions and kits to build.

Project 2: Platecraft Gingerbread Man

Harry Potter Ornaments

This is fun. When someone says "Christmas" you may not be inclined to think of Harry Potter immediately. But the holiday has featured pretty prominently in the books (c'mon, the invisibility cloak was pretty much the best present ever), so why not a little reminder on the tree? Builder rolli has assembled these absolutely charming miniature scenes from throughout the series. There's a key in the description on Flickr, but I'd recommend puzzling them out first, they're SO good!

Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

The 2016 Christmas Collection

Just in time for everyone putting their trees up! Builder and author Chris McVeigh is sharing some new ornament designs on his website. I hope I have time to build a few this year, I've been inspired since I reviewed his new book back in September, Check out these and many, many more from years past and start building some holiday cheer.

Platecraft Snowman
Arcade Ornaments

Review: The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book

Review: The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book

I love the holidays. Christmas carols, yummy treats, time with family and friends, practically daily viewings of A Christmas Story and of course LEGO under (and on) the tree. I don't know about you, but there's always several LEGO Christmas ornaments on our tree, and this year there's going to be a few more thanks to this new book from No Starch Press and author Chris McVeigh

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Anyone Got A Quarter?

One of my favorite builders and all around swell guy Chris McVeigh is ready for the holidays and wants you to be too. As is his tradition, he's releasing a series of building guides for creating some ornaments, and has something a little different this year, arcade machines! Being a kid of the 80's I was there for the golden age of the arcade, so I find these particularly appealing. Head over to his website for building guides, kits, shirts and more.

Build-It-Yourself 2014: Arcade Ornaments