Modular Arcade

If you're not familiar with Chris McVeigh's modular arcade series you need to be. While the coin-op arcade seems to be a thing of the past, you can relive those blipity blopity sore thumb days with these rad little machines. This year the collection expands with some new designs and they look absolutely awesome. You can build your own with free instructions (and dozens of others) at or preorder the kit right now. *Quarters not included

Modular Arcade (Gen 2)

Star Wars Racer

While I might not be a big prequel fan, I did appreciate the podrace from Episode 1, and the video games that followed, and I really dig this latest creation by tkel86. It combines LEGO, Mindstorms and Star Wars to great effect, making an arcade game that l would absolutely love to try. Check out the video to see it in action, it's amazing.


*Boop Boop Boop, Weeoo Weeoo Weeoo, Wop Wop Wop*

I was totally a kid of the 70's and 80's, I saw the rise of the video game and the subsequent decline of pinball. And like an entire generation of kids, none of us ever had a quarter in our pocket that wasn't itching to be converted to a few minutes of pixelated fun. Now you can recreate this bygone era with Chris McVeigh's charming little modular arcade. You can get instructions and full kits at his website

Modular Arcade

Got A Quarter?

This latest MOC by 6kyubi6 is a total flashback. Being a kid of the 80's I "invested" plenty of quarters in arcades. I especially like the use of the foil handles as air hockey paddles. And those stickers? Totally legit. They're the printing bleed on an official sticker sheet, the overprinting around stickers cut to shape, genius. The only thing that's missing is a classic Star Wars vector game, my all-time favorite.

Lets play arcades!


Growing up in the 70's meant I saw plenty of these at the bowling alley (literally, there was a bowling alley right around the corner from my house). And while I did sink plenty of quarters into the Playboy pinball machine (what can I say, I'm all boy) my favorite machines didn't crop up until the 90's. I shudder to think how much money we dropped into those Star Wars and Addams Family machines. Thanks for the nostalgia Ethan!

LEGO Pinball 1980!
LEGO Pinball 1980!