Easter Eggs Decorated By Robot

LEGO mechanical genius JKBrickworks is back with another fantastic project that you can build yourself, just in time for easter! The egg decorating machine is a fairly simple gadget and has been around for ages, I remember playing with the "Decoregger" when I was a kid, but with the addition of LEGO EV3, it's all the more fun. Head over to the Jason's website for everything you need to build your own.

EV3 Mosaic Printer

This is pretty cool! Thanks to the limitless possibilities of EV3 and the creative brain of JK Brickworks we can now watch a LEGO machine build a LEGO mosaic. Not only that, but he created some excellent videos to document not only the working machine, but some of the progress in building it. It's mesmerizing to watch, and fascinating to learn how it all came together.

Mosaic Printer - Prototype 2

G2 Repair Droid (Goose Droid)

You all know what a Star Wars and Disney geek I am, so where those two met always had my attention (and now they're one and the same, I'm doomed). When Star Tours opened in 1986 I was blown away. The ride was fun, even if it always made me a little queasy, but what I always enjoyed was the queue, especially these little guys. What you may not know is the basic structure of the Goose Droid is actually a repurposed animatronic frame of a goose from America Sings, hence it's nickname. Joe Meno has crafted three of these little guys, the largest being animated with LEGO Mindstorms robotics. Cue Star Tours public announcement tone.