Heart Candy Catapult

Valentines Day is coming up, and you just might have some classic cinnamon heart candy on hand. But who wants the hassle of actually getting up to get some, wouldn't it be better to have them launched at you? Builder and robotics guru JK Brickworks thought so, and whipped up this clever device with LEGO BOOST to do just that. Check out the video to see it in action.

Cinnamon Heart Candy Catapult

High Tech Vintage Communication

I imagine if you had told Samuel Morse way back in the mid 1800's that in the future someone would use a combination of a child's toy and a rather advanced robotics system to make a system that could interpret his code and write it out in legible words on paper, he might have called the men in white coats to haul you off. But that's precisely what mad genius Jason Allemann has created here. And of course being the awesome guy he is, he shared the instructions to build your own on his website jkbrickworks.com.

Telegraph Machine
Telegraph Key
Telegraph Codex

Robot And Robot

I don't know if there's an underlying metaphor for this image by builder jigsawjo. It's the kind of image that an uppity artist might say "represents the struggle of one generation blah blah blah", or some other pretentious nonsense. To me it's just a striking visual, and some damn fine building. The large arm is a work in progress, work that I'll be watching with interest.

Robot and Robot

The Slowest Mech

This thing better pack a punch in the weapons department, because it's not going to surprise an enemy with a speedy attack. It's a snail mech, from builder ToyForce 120. I like to imagine a battle where a whole slew of mechanical species engage, and while the battle rages these guys slowly make their way in. And just when it seems the battle is lost, quite some time later, these guys creep in and save the day in some unexpected way. Slow and steady wins the war.

LEGO Mech  Snails-01