Munchkin Bricks 2 Is Now On Kickstarter!

Those purveyors of the preposterous Crazy Bricks are back with another Munchkin themed Kickstarter, and it starts TODAY! Fans of of the game Munchkin might recognize some of the wacky artifacts in the image below, but to be specific the new lineup includes: the Helm of Super Speed, Spyke's Hammer, a Hammer Handle, a Foam Rubber Hand, Gear Beer, Shakespeare's Pike, Dragon Flagon, Hello Chibithulhu and E.L.T.H. the Excessively Large Top Hat. Not only do you get these custom injection molded parts in a selection of colors, you also some free gifts and there’s loads of stretch goals to unlock. Head over and support this campaign and get your hands on this spiffy stuff!

Pizza & Pugs

Well, this is a surefire hit. I mean, who doesn't love pizza, and who doesn't love pugs? Add them to LEGO and you've got something that appeals to pretty much everyone. There's also a peanut dude, and my personal favorite Mr. Toast. Crazy Bricks is back with another Kickstarter campaign, and needs your help. Upstanding human (and man who knows how to work a top hat) Guy Himber has a loads of cool stretch goals too, so get over there and show your support!


Jason at JK Brickworks is back with another nifty MOC that has your best interests at heart. This one isn't kinetic, but sci-fi and Kubrick fans will recognize HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. HAL is brought to life by the Pfx Brick, featuring light and sound. They're in the final push on their Kickstarter and need your help. You can also find instructions to build your own HAL here.

HAL 0937

Mascot Bricks!

AFOL and all around swell Guy (see what I did there?) Guy Himber and Crazy Bricks are back on Kickstarter with another fantastic round of custom LEGO minifigure accessories. This time it's mascots, and as you can see from the picture they're pretty awesome. The campaign kicked off yesterday so there's still plenty of time to get in on the ground floor of this and score some extremely nifty accessories.

Beyond The Brick Kickstarter

It was great to see our pals at Beyond the Brick at BrickCon. They even took time out of their busy schedule covering the event to serve as judges for the Bricks of Character display. Nobody covers an event in such detail as these guys, and now they want to reach beyond our borders for coverage in the UK and you can help. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and help them get to Brick Birmingham. They've got some very cool rewards, including some brick sketches by Chris McVeigh and a custom MOC by Tyler Clites. 

New LEGO Storage and Display Products

A company called Brick Innovations in cooperation with Phillip Miller Furniture has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign featuring several LEGO storage and display products. Every LEGO builder struggles with how to organize their collection, and the more options we all have the better as far as I'm concerned. Among the items they're promoting is a rather clever selection of tables, cabinets and building furniture, as well as some cool drawer pulls and a shelf to display Minifigures. They were kind enough to send a prototype Minifigure Shelf for me to check out. 

The shelf they sent holds more or less 8 figures, but it's smaller than the 18" version they have as a reward level on their campaign (which by the way its already funded just two days in, congrats guys!) and is made of a somewhat lightweight wood, I'm assuming pine. Embedded in the top is a strip of 1x genuine LEGO plate to attach your figs to.

Now I would be remiss if I didn't point out the obvious similarities to the Chroble shelves that have hung in my studio for quite some time now. The Chroble shelves are solid walnut, larger, heavier and have a strip of full sized 1x bricks on top. They are top quality in every respect, but that quality comes at a price, making them quite a bit more expensive than the Brick Innovations shelves. I don't know that I can fully comment on the quality of the Brick Innovations shelves either, since this is a prototype I have to assume the production ones will be better. But the one I have could have used more sanding, clean up and another coat of paint. 

So if you're interested in more storage and display options for your collection check out their campaign and throw some support their way.