I’ve been into LEGO all my life, and running this blog for over 6 years now. I’m kinda old and kinda jaded, and not much makes me squee like a little girl. But today, I’m happy to announce I squee’d, I squee’d hard. Today this little guy arrived in the mail from writer, artist and all around renaissance man Craig Kyle. Craig contacted me earlier this week about Tim here and while the hundreds made sold out in a stunning 93 minutes, he still had one to generously send me. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and today he arrived, and he’s as good as eating all the chocolate in the Neapolitan (yeah, I would totally do that).

While I’m not an avid minifigure collector I do have quite a few. That is unless you’re counting the ones used for stop motion animation, then I have hundreds. I mean the ones that stay together and get displayed, and those amount to just a select few. Well you can be absolutely sure this little guy will be proudly on display at BrickNerd HQ. The problem is how to display him, because he comes packed in hands down the most clever and cute packaging i’ve seen for a minifigure, maybe for any collectable I’ve ever possessed.

I mean check it out, he comes in a little custom printed ice cream tub! And he’s not just rolling around inside, there’s a printed die cut paper “ice cream” layer for him! And you don’t just get the figure, he’s holding a cone topped with miniature him in one hand and a scoop in the other. Also included is a custom printed base.

Everywhere you look at this figure, and the packaging, it’s custom. Craig partnered with those mad geniuses at Citizen Brick to do the pad printing on the 100% genuine LEGO elements. And he’s printed all over, from his waffle pattern pants to his “eat me” hat. Even the micro figure is printed front and back. The attention to detail, whimsy and humor in this little guy has me smiling ear to ear (and strangely enough craving ice cream, hmm). Thank you very much Craig, I’ll cherish him.

While NEOPOLITIM is sold out, Craig has other things in the works. Follow him on Instagram and check out his website Lemon Scented Ninja to keep up on the progress.

Munchkin Bricks 2 Is Now On Kickstarter!

Those purveyors of the preposterous Crazy Bricks are back with another Munchkin themed Kickstarter, and it starts TODAY! Fans of of the game Munchkin might recognize some of the wacky artifacts in the image below, but to be specific the new lineup includes: the Helm of Super Speed, Spyke's Hammer, a Hammer Handle, a Foam Rubber Hand, Gear Beer, Shakespeare's Pike, Dragon Flagon, Hello Chibithulhu and E.L.T.H. the Excessively Large Top Hat. Not only do you get these custom injection molded parts in a selection of colors, you also some free gifts and there’s loads of stretch goals to unlock. Head over and support this campaign and get your hands on this spiffy stuff!

Vitali Car

I've never heard of Vitali, but then again I've never been to Taiwan. But I certainly appreciate a bit of clever marketing, and the company has or at least had a whole fleet of these charming drinkmobiles cruising the streets. This version by DOGOD Brick Design has custom stickers and clever design, making it just as appealing as the real deal. How does the drink taste? I have no idea.


Legoland Theater

I love movies, always have, and I love going to the movies. There's something so special about the shared experience in a darkened space that you just don't get at home. Of course you also don't usually have to walk on a floor covered with "cinemuck" and have to listen to some jerk on his phone when you watch at home (if you do, you have my sympathy). So this excellent theater by RVA LUG resonates with me. And with the custom lighting, cool posters by none other than Paul Lee and clean, retro look, it's an absolutely awesome creation. Check out the video to see the lighting in action.

Legoland Movie Theater
Legoland Movie Theater
Legoland Movie Theater