Super Shiny Batpod

I have to admit once I got over the temporary paralysis upon first seeing this beauty by ianying616 I thought to myself “Batman would never ride a chrome Batpod”, but upon further thought I’m not so sure. The thing about chrome (and what makes it hard to illustrate, and render for that matter) is it’s not really its own color, but characterized by its environment. It reflects what’s around it, and in Batman’s case, wouldn’t that be the darkened streets of Gotham? Might not be so bad after all.

Silver Soul

Builder ianying616 is back with a whole lot of shininess. Just yesterday I was listening to a My Brother My Brother and Me podcast and they were talking about trikes. I don’t care who you are, if you show up on this lovely beast you’re going to some raised eyebrows and dropped jaws. If for no other reason than the guts to ride with your butt so close to open wheels like that.

Dodge Tomahawk

So. Much. Shiny. The Dodge Tomahawk may have never gotten past the concept phase, but you have to admit, she was a beauty. It was a radical design, that some would argue wasn’t really a motorcycle because it actually had four wheels, but I think it was through and through. This version by ianying616 has all the attitude of the real thing, and a heck of a lot of super shiny parts (my spirit animal is clearly a raccoon).

Harley Davidson Police Bike

How far back do you think police motorcycles have been used? Would it surprise you to learn that Harley Davidson credits Detroit Michigan as the first purchaser of a police bike back in 1908? That's right, over 100 years ago! Of course those were significantly different than this Electra Glide brilliantly recreated by builder brickthebrick. Just look at all that custom chrome, shiny!