Akira 2019

My old buddy Thorsten Bonsch, in honor of the story of Akira, set in the year 2019, has come up with this stunning scene: Off to the Containment Unit. A real pioneer of the genre, Akira was the first widely distributed serious Japanese Anime in Europe and North America, unlike the usual Saturday morning cartoons for kiddies (still love Tranzor Z, though). Click on the images to see all those tasty greebles up close. Awesome!

Queen Of Hearts

Any time I hear "Queen of hearts" two things happen: I think of the character from Disney's animated classic Alice in Wonderland (not the Burton film, she was just weird) and that terrible song (which will now be stuck in my head the rest of the damn day). I would really like to shift those things to this imposing but beautiful lady by builder LegoWyrm, I'd much rather think of her. Of course we'll have to wait and see (fingers crossed). But for now, the terrible song continues in my skull...

Queen of Hearts ~ Heroic Spirit

Iain Heath Has Been Spirited Away

There can be no other explanation for it. Look at all these pictures, a Friends figure appears in each one, that's evidence enough. Of course, you have to admire the quality of the builds, they're all phenomenal, but that's besides the point. Clearly something has happened to my friend, I fear he may have wandered into an apparently abandoned amusement park and is being forced to build these MOCs in order to free himself. I hope he's done before BrickCon.

Chihiro's Journey: Haku, don't give up!
Chihiro's Journey: Are you going to eat me?
Chihiro's Journey: Could you give me a job?