Akira 2019

My old buddy Thorsten Bonsch, in honor of the story of Akira, set in the year 2019, has come up with this stunning scene: Off to the Containment Unit. A real pioneer of the genre, Akira was the first widely distributed serious Japanese Anime in Europe and North America, unlike the usual Saturday morning cartoons for kiddies (still love Tranzor Z, though). Click on the images to see all those tasty greebles up close. Awesome!

Tetsuo City

I've never seen this haunting image of Neo-Tokyo's dystopian harbor with Tetsuo's face, I'm not sure of it's origins. But the awesome LEGO depiction of it is by builder gan.marco, and it's excellent. It's also enough to make me think to myself that it's been too long since I've watched Katsuhiro Otomo's animated classic and masterpiece Akira. Time to break out the DVD.

AKIRA_2019 Neo-Tokyo Tetsuo City-8
AKIRA_2019 Neo-Tokyo Tetsuo City-2
AKIRA_2019 Neo-Tokyo Tetsuo City-5

Kaneda's Bike

Akira, the landmark animated feature that introduced so many to the wonderful world of anime. And Kaneda's bike, everyone's favorite thing in that movie. There have been many, many versions of this built in LEGO, but few very successfully at Minifig scale. This one by Tiler is perhaps the most successful ever constructed. And now you can build your own because he shared some instructions!

Akira – Kaneda's Bike
Akira – Kaneda's Bike _13
Akira – Kaneda's Bike _14

Kaneda's Bike

The Arvo Brothers are back and what a return it is. As though it wasn't enough to thrill us with their recreation of Kaneda's bike from the anime classic Akira, but they have more news as well. Apparently they meticulously documented the creation of this MOC and are going to release a book about it soon! With die-cut decals included no less! Until then we can just stare and drool.