I don’t know who this lovely young lass from Eero Okkonen is, I know I could learn more on his website but time is short this morning. I can assure you this, she would mop the floor with me, I mean absolutely and totally demolish me. While I was going “oh” and “ah” at her nifty axe she would simply dispatch me and move on, you have to respect that.


I have many a fond memories of Gargoyles both in its original run in the mid-nineties and then catching reruns on the Disney Channel in college. The characters were fun, the voice acting was enjoyable and includes many Star Trek actors (TNG and Voyager), and had a great urban fantasy / Sci-Fi combo going. The third season did lose its way a bit, (that is covered in-depth elsewhere), but overall a very fun show. Daniel Jackson re-watched the series a few years back and built Goliath as he awakes in 2017 and is just now sharing it with us.  He’s captured the charter well, Goliath is instantly recognizable, and the 1x1 stone flecks are a nice touch. He also built Goliath’s once love interest and often foil Demona. The choice of skyscraper backdrop for these pictures really sells the picture. They are just cartoony enough and match the series aesthetic nicely.

Queen Of Hearts

Any time I hear "Queen of hearts" two things happen: I think of the character from Disney's animated classic Alice in Wonderland (not the Burton film, she was just weird) and that terrible song (which will now be stuck in my head the rest of the damn day). I would really like to shift those things to this imposing but beautiful lady by builder LegoWyrm, I'd much rather think of her. Of course we'll have to wait and see (fingers crossed). But for now, the terrible song continues in my skull...

Queen of Hearts ~ Heroic Spirit

Sand Trooper

I remember as a young fan of Star Wars, upon probably the 40th or so viewing, thinking to myself "those backpacks must be their environmental packs". You know, keeping them cool in such a hot climate. In reality it added an additional 45 pounds of weight to an already heavy and hot costume, those actors and extras suffered for our entertainment. Still, Sandtroopers were badass, and this figure by LEGO 7 is no less impressive.


Death Trooper

Rogue One has a few things unique to the Star Wars universe, which always struck me as a little odd since it's a prequel to A New Hope. For instance take the Death Troopers, Director Krennic's personal hit squad. We've never seen them before, at least not in the movies. Then again they're so badass I don't care. Check out this rendition by builder nobu_tary, complete with Jen's stormtrooper doll, perfect.

Death Trooper