Builder Paddy Bricksplitter describes Hobson here at a “Faithful robotic butler to the idle rich” so I can say with complete confidence you will never see him at my house. Not that I am not rich, it’s just that I’m never idle…and I’m not rich. But he does seem very proper, well dressed and goes about his tasks with a certain panache, which I can appreciate.


I'm always fascinated with the genesis of a MOC. Sometimes it's a desire to recreate something, sometimes it's a piece of a larger story, sometimes it's just a part that makes you go "hmm". This way cool robot by Mana Ramp Matron came about with the experimentation of using a Technic seat as a head, and just look at the results. You just never know where the bricks will take you.

Bionicle MOC: Pr0t34n(Protean).

Humanoid Utility Robot

For some little understood reason, man is obsessed with creating humanoid robots like this one from David Steeves. I guess it's logical if you want them to live in our world, work in our factories and interact with our machines they should be like us (I'd like to see BB-8 try and run a lawn mower). And it's just common sense and courtesy that when they finally become sentient and realize what jerks we are (and consequently wipe us out) everything is already compatible with them.

Humaniod Utility Robot (1)