Chibi In A Half Shell

The world has sorta gone chibi wild these days. Between several AFOL form factors and the official LEGO Brickheadz sets, these squat little large head dudes are everywhere. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before everyone's favorite adolescent reptilian crimefighters made an appearance. Builder DOGOD Brick Design brings us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!



Can a military ship make you squee? I'd say this one can. It's an adorable mashup of cruiser, destroyer and battleship by Dwalin Forkbeard. Combine those, add some adorable proportions and plenty of moveable weaponry, and you've got a seriously cute floating vessel of death. Imagine standing on the deck of your warship, admiring this thing and making "awww" sounds, then you see the torpedo screaming at you.

Yamamoto back

The Cutest AT-AT Ever

Here at BrickNerd we like to look back from time to time, and to the icy plains of Hoth. As is usually the case these days, Star Wars is on my mind this morning. I glanced at the Microfighters AT-AT and thought about how much better it could be. Then I thought of this, the quintessential chibi AT-AT. This is by MacLane for the FBTB Chibi contest, which happened so long ago now I don't remember if I even entered. Wouldn't have mattered though, this baby won the second it was posted.

Chibi AT-AT