Wickedly Awesome

One of the things I enjoy most about Iron Builder is the continual surprises and mind blowing ways the builders find uses for the seed part. I must admit, when I sized up that Duple grass piece the notion of using it for a face was the furthest away from my feeble imagination. But builder Legopard has done exactly that, not only super effectively, but with some exceedingly clever techniques. 

Black Witch

Lovely Witch

Halloween is just about a week away, and things are getting spooky on Flickr. There I was, minding my own business when this charming witch and black cat by alanboar showed up. I'd say I was spooked or scared, but she's too lovely to be scary. And she might have some mischief in mind, but that doesn't bother me, just don't change me into a newt or anything.

LEGO Halloween Witch

It's Getting Scary Around Here

October is here. That means pumpkin spice everything, BrickCon (which I'm not at, boo) and heaps of fun halloween MOCs. This piece by vitreolum is as much art as it is seasonal, and who doesn't enjoy a sexy witch? This style of building, which I'm going to dub "silhousaic" (sill-o-say-ic) has become more and more popular with builders, but vitreolum is setting a new bar recently.

Boo Bitchcraft