Jack's House

Tim Burton’s design for The Nightmare Before Christmas is as iconic as the film itself. Everywhere you look in the film there’s things so wonderfully off kilter they defy logic but draw you in. It’s so charming your brain just automatically forgives any gap in reality. Builder monstrophonic captures this aesthetic perfectly with this rendition of Jack Skellington’s house, and the same rules apply here.


As halloween approaches it’s time for things to get a little spooky. Builder chubbybots thinks so too and created this wonderful werewolf. And as I’m typing this my dogs are begging for biscuits behind me, which got me wondering, what do you suppose a werecorgi would look like? I mean, why does it have to be a wolf? I can assure you corgis can be pretty fierce too, just way more adorable when they’re doing it.


Boo Boo Goes The Trolley

Frost has built a lovely little trolley for those off to Spooky Town. The dark grey, orange, black, and trans-yellow color scheme works well, at first I wanted it to drop the grey in favor of black, but upon reflection I think that would really harm the fun of this build. I believe Halloween needs to strike a balance of Spooky Fun and Spooky Scary and this cheeks those requirements nicely. The angled front windows and sideways built door, really helps to capture that classic trolley look as well.

Pumpkin Trolley