Red Skull's Ratrod

I have no idea what the genesis of this is. From a comic, from builder 2nd Life Bricks' imagination? I don't know, or care really, because it's awesome. And I could totally see Red Skull barreling down the highway in this beast, I like to imagine with classical music playing on the stereo (very loudly to be heard over that massive engine). Hail Hydra!


Black & White

Contrast is important in all art mediums. It's an indicator of depth, a delineation between objects, the demarkation of negative and positive space, a guidance of the eye. It's also important in the bricks, and as you can see from these excellent hotrods from builder ianying616 it can make a striking impact with separate but combined MOCs as well.


Surf's Up

Growing up a native Californian 11 miles from the beach you'd naturally think I surf. And truth be told I did have a board and wetsuit in high school. But I was terrible, I mean truly awful. But that doesn't diminish my appreciation of this pair of beach ready rides from Norton74. Especially that sweet type 2, it even has a boom box to crank up some Surfpunks and some Coke, my kinda beach day.

Surf's Up!

Super Volks

They were ridiculous, they were brash, they were driverless, they were the Zingers, model kits from MPC. Back in the 70's it seemed you couldn't get outrageous enough (just ask Chuck Barris or ABBA) and hotrods were no exception. Builder Mad physicist clearly understands this mentality and has recreated my personal favorite from this line, the Super Volks. Who cares if it doesn't actually have seats? Just imagine how loud and fast it is! 

VW Bug Zinger
VW Bug Zinger