VW Type 1

I have a definite soft spot for classic beetles. I've told the stories before of it being the family car of my childhood and my first car as an adult. Being nothing but round makes it an exceptional challenge in bricks, but builder Everblack was up to that challenge, and this is the result. You can practically hear that flat four chugging huh?

Volkswagen Beetle  (1)
Volkswagen Beetle (2)

Surf's Up

Growing up a native Californian 11 miles from the beach you'd naturally think I surf. And truth be told I did have a board and wetsuit in high school. But I was terrible, I mean truly awful. But that doesn't diminish my appreciation of this pair of beach ready rides from Norton74. Especially that sweet type 2, it even has a boom box to crank up some Surfpunks and some Coke, my kinda beach day.

Surf's Up!

Volkswagen Beetle Review

The first Type 1 sedans rolled off the line in the early 1940's, and the world was captivated by it's practically, price and unique appearance. My family had a beetle when I was a kid, my first real car was a beetle and I drive a newer convertible beetle now (but I wish I still had a vintage one). This new version by LEGO is as much fun as you'd think, 

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Galactic Surf Is Up, Dude

Here's a mashup I can get behind, a classic VW type 2 bus at neo classic space! What better way to find all the tasty waves in the galaxy than strapping your board to the roof of this baby and jetting to the nearest intergalactic beach? Click through to see Builder Priovit70's other space creations, including the type 1 beetle equivalent of this radical ride.

Make space surfboards, not intergalactic war!

BrickNerd LiveBuild - Volkswagen Beetle

VW has been an important part of my life. The first family car I remember was a beetle, my first car was a beetle and I drive a beetle now. So to say I'm excited about this set is a bit of an understatement. I know this is last minute and I'm sorry I didn't announce it yesterday, but I can't wait to build this little beauty.

Join me live at 2pm PST as I build the amazing new LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle live!