R2-D2 Bus

During my time in London I took a lot of busses. And while I have a soft spot for the venerable Routemaster, I would have been riding this bus all the time if it existed. It's the R2-D2 bus, a Star Wars reimagining by builder lucbyard. I have to assume that the football hooligans that inevitable congregate on the upper level late at night can be easily ejected like Luke's Lightsaber.


Adventure, VW Style

When I say "adventure", VW probably isn't the first thing that pops into your head. But for builder Pixel Fox, the terms seem to be synonymous. Here in the states they called the classic VW type 2 camper a Westfalia, and it was primarily used for weekend getaways. But in South Africa, it's known as the Syncro, and it was a go anywhere, do anything adventure mobile.

VW Type 2 (T3) Syncro

Galactic Surf Is Up, Dude

Here's a mashup I can get behind, a classic VW type 2 bus at neo classic space! What better way to find all the tasty waves in the galaxy than strapping your board to the roof of this baby and jetting to the nearest intergalactic beach? Click through to see Builder Priovit70's other space creations, including the type 1 beetle equivalent of this radical ride.

Make space surfboards, not intergalactic war!

Blank Canvas

I have a deep affection for vintage VW. My first car was a beetle (well, technically it was a Chevy Luv, but that died awfully quick) and I also owned a bus for a while, and someday I'd like to own one again. And restoring one, as depicted in this brilliant MOC by Norton74, is a far off dream of mine. One that requires free time...and a garage not full of LEGO.

If you're a Transporter fan (or car fan in general) do yourself a favor and click through to Norton's photostream, there's a lot to love there.

Sandblasted VW T2 bodywork in the Garage