Super Star Destroyer

The moment I laid eyes on this magnificent Super Star Destroyer by Fabrice Neaud I heard the Imperial March in my head and I was ready to swear allegiance to the Empire. It’s not the scale that impresses me (to be honest, scale rarely impresses me, but this thing is enormous) it’s the accuracy and the attention to detail. This picture does not do it justice, you really need to click though and look at the pics at high res to truly appreciate this beast.

Dwalin Forkbeard Goes Viral

The creativity and ingenuity of the AFOL community never ceases to amaze me. Builder Dwalin Forkbeard has been building a series of space MOCs based on of all things viruses. This is his latest, based on tectiviridae, which is a DNA virus, those wonderful things responsible for such ailments as smallpox, herpes and chickenpox. To see a few other ships based on the microscopic contagion world click through to his photostream.


Check out this lovely beast by builder Jarac. The Y-Wing has always been a favorite of mine, just because it’s so “scrappy”. It was designed to look like a ship that had seen some action. It's outside cladding had been removed so many times that it was eventually decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. It also looked like it could take some punishment, and had dished out a fair amount too.

Carry-On Space Base

This is so clever I can’t stand it. This transforming space base by builder chris office reminds me of the old Mattel and Micro Machines play sets. It starts as a pretty cool looking suit case, which is pretty ship-like already, with a classic space logo and plenty of greebs. But then you open it up and unveil a whole little space station world, complete with ships and vehicles, a landing pad, what looks like soil processing and even a bar! I could see a whole line based on this concept, with a different case for each theme, like a treasure chest for pirates, a trunk for adventurers and a crate for city.

"Antari Station In Quadrant 6, And Step On It"

I really dig this futuristic yet totally retro space taxi by builder ericteo_98, it looks like something right out of a movie. How awesome would it be to see this gliding through the sky against a sci-fi cityscape, dutifully delivering passengers to places we can only dream of. Of course this is the future, so the prices will be crazy too, but maybe the floor wouldn’t be nearly as sticky due to advanced material sciences (who am I kidding, we can’t have nice things).