New Ventures

It seems that the 1980’s classic spacemen have developed a sense of entrepreneurship and have decided to expand their ventures into space mining. With a crew this large and a fearsome machine, it is unquestionable that Andreas Lenander’s astronauts are on their way in making a multimillion credit business. It would seem that their skin color has also changed. Weird. Probably all that alien space dust.

The Little Mech That Could

Somedays I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of military mechs that flood the LEGO community, therefore I am always surprised and intrigued by mechs that break this trend, such as this one created by legomelego. The background hangar and lighting is what really caught my eye at first, but the more I look at it, the more I can't help but feel that this little robot is trying to portray emotions and break free from his human overlords. Look at their diabolical smiles... how evil.


Four Decades Of Classic Space

Want to feel old? I already did before I saw this (oh my back, oh my eyesight, where did my hair go? get off my lawn...). Yes, Classic Space has turned forty, and it hasn't aged a day, incredible. Builder justin_m_winn celebrates this momentous occasion with this spectacular tribute. It was a big part of my childhood, and it makes me very happy that it's still a part of my life.

Classic Space @ 40

Galaxy Explorer

The Galaxy Explorer (and the original space theme for that matter) is a classic. The only evidence you need to see the absolute affection the community has for this craft is the continual homages paid to it. I myself have created one, and I was given one as a gift. And builder ZCerberus has crafted this gorgeous tribute to the venerable ship, carrying on the tradition.


Classic Space Grand Carousel

Now this is how to reimagine. Builder justin_m_winn took an incomplete 10196 Grand Carousel and turned it into this classic space masterpiece. The re-theming is brilliant, with different ride vehicles, classic space color scheme and even custom printed canopies. I like to imagine it's playing some cool retro futuristic music with plenty of "pew pew" sound effects.

10196 Grand Carousel - Classic Space Redux

Lunar Rover

If you're going to go roving on the lunar surface, you're gonna need a few things. Oxygen, or it's going to be a short trip. Insulation, there's a 200º difference between light and shadow there. Power, likely from batteries but certainly not from a gas engine. And traction, the surface is like that clumpy ash that forms in the bottom of your BBQ. That last part will be no problem for this brilliant classic space rover MOC by The Solitary Dark. Inspired by the tires of his Tamiya Boomerang RC car, the wheels of this rover are the standout feature. and should have plenty of grip trekking over the craters.

Classic Space Lunar Rover.  I was looking at the tyres on my Tamiya RC Boomerang and had the idea for the wheels.
Classic Space Lunar Rover.  I was looking at the tyres on my Tamiya RC Boomerang and had the idea for the wheels.