Baby's First Bulldozer

Sometimes it’s the tiniest of builds that make me smile. I don’t know what it is about this dinky little bulldozer by builder ted @ndes, but I’m instantly drawn to it. I like to imagine this is a functioning Power Wheels vehicle, you know, those little Fisher Price 12 volt cars that take up way too much space in the garage. I also like to imagine the instant regret these parents have (or more likely the instant rage against a favorite aunt or uncle).

First Steps

There's so many moments in our lives that last just a flash. They can be tragic, transformative or just heart warming, but it's just a fleeting moment and it's gone. Those first clumsy and adorable steps of one's child are precisely one of those moments. Not only is this a brilliantly realized and highly detailed interior, it's a moment frozen in time of builder davekaleta's life.

One Small Step