The Library From Beauty And The Beast

BrickCon 2019 is over, and I had a blast. Among the many notable events this year were: My wife came with me (her first BrickCon), I walked just about 20 miles over the four days, I was given a Nerdly 10-Doh (thanks Mike!) and I was co-coordinator for the Pop Culture theme (with the great Brandon Griffith). Of course there were a great number of fantastic MOCs in our theme, but this incredible library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast by builder ssential was a stand out. So much so that me and Brandon awarded it “Best Picture”, and I’m pleased to announce it went on to earn “Best in Show” for BrickCon 2019. Sarah meticulously documented its construction, posting loads of pictures on Flickr, click through to see how this stunning build was accomplished.

How We Used To Compute

Back when I was a young child, this is what computers looked like. I was in high school before they started showing up at everyone’s house. The incredible thing is, that phone in your pocket probably has more computing power and storage than this entire room (or one that this room represents, let’s face it this one is full of plastic toys). A totally retro build by Jalex.

The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home, I’m sitting in mine at this very moment (most of the blog posts happen right here in my kitchen/breakfast nook). It’s where we prepare meals, and where every party seems to end up, probably because the food is there. Builder MarcelV was challenged by the fine humans at New Elementary to come up with some innovative uses for the Brickheadz glasses part, can you spot them in this excellent interior? OK, that was easy, now look for the other pair.

The Passing Of King Henry VIII

Builder and history buff peggyjdb is back with another stellar build and a fascinating history lesson. There’s a reason Henry VIII is still a household name, he was larger than life. But even the largest of lives must come to an end, and this scene depicts his final hours in Whitehall Palace. Click through to learn something.



As the seemingly vacant ship rumbles through the emptiness of space we move through it’s corridors. There is no sign of life as we pass through empty rooms. The sounds of the ship are distant, deep and resonant. As we move into the cryo chamber the sound shifts, a hint of life. A hissing is heard as the lights slowly fade up, followed by an electronic chirp. A small display on the front of each pod flickers on, rows of text flash by as a system self-check runs, followed by a status display with vital statistics and three blinking words: CRYO REVERSAL INITIATED…

Yeah, I want to watch that movie too. Nice work Pete.

Christmas At Hogwarts

Christmas may be over, but the surprises and wonderful presents keep coming. I opened my Flickr (sorta like a present) to find this inside this morning. Builder Legopard has built a perfect representation of Christmas at everyone’s favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry, and it’s as charming and wonderful as it is in the movies. Everywhere you look it’s packed with details, check out the bookmark on the mantle, or the melted wax on the candle next to it, just so much to love.