Gilded Doors

After being introduced to Lego, I have slowly seen my perception of the world around me evolve over time. I have learned to appreciate the small details in everything and the passion individuals put into their craft. These gilded doors by aukbricks are a perfect link between two worlds, providing a beautifully detailed door through the median we all know and love.

Yellow Crane Tower

I don’t know much about this creation. It’s from builder Smoker, has no description and the image names are just alphanumeric strings. The only reason I know the name is because there’s an album name and I’m familiar with the tower that inspired this build. What I do know is this is an absolute masterpiece, an incredibly intricate example of classic Chinese architecture and as beautiful as the tower that inspired it.

Notre Dame

The world watched in collective horror as fire raged through Notre Dame last month. We all reacted in our own way, some prayed, some cried, some vowed to rebuild and some were just frozen in disbelief. But builder Rocco Buttliere committed to building this, a spectacular recreation of the beloved architectural masterpiece. It is intentionally set in springtime to represent rebirth, a notion I find irresistibly uplifting. Click through for more pictures and some fascinating history.

The Interlace

Micro builds allow your imagination to fly free. They’re small in size but large in creativity, like this futuristic complex by builder Dan_Sto. With it’s stacked, irregularly rotated blocks it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it’s actually based on a real structure. The future is now! (where’s my flying car?)