Shed Some Light On Hogwarts

Those mad geniuses at Brickstuff have done it again. As if LEGO 71043 Hogwarts wasn't impressive enough, now you can trick it out with another stunning lighting and sound kit from Brickstuff. And this isn’t your typical “stuff it with way too bright LEDs” kit we see so much of these days, it’s seriously high tech and incredibly well thought out. Brickstuff took over six months developing it, including the development of a whole new controller board. It’s the most advanced kit they’ve ever offered, surpassing even the stunning Millennium Falcon kit. And it’s not just a bunch of lights that turn on and off, it’s storytelling. The whole kit is designed from the ground up to bring the castle to life, not just make it visible in the dark. And once you add your own sounds to it, you will swear school is in session. The kit is so innovative Brickstuff has created it’s own website, to showcase it. The kits are available for pre-order now, but there’s a limited supply of “mega-bundles” so act fast.



Adding Lights And Sound To The UCS Falcon

What could possibly be better than the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon? The LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon with lights and sound! We installed the Brickstuff premium kit in ours and it's absolutely amazing. The kit includes 109 LEDs, 2 speakers and sound modules, more than 75 genuine LEGO parts and a remote control. 

For more info visit

To see some of the behind the scenes action check out the Twitch Channel at our sister site Nerds&Makers.

NERDvember update

It's the end of the second week of NERDvember and the MOCs continue to blow me away. So much incredible talent!

I check the group multiple times a day, and it seems like once a day I squee like a little girl. I do not envy the judges for this, it's going to be supremely difficult. I'd like to send a shoutout to a few more sponsors. First, there's BRICKSTUDS, who will be providing some packs of the coolest collector cards on the planet, STUDS collector cards!

Next up is the definitive magazine for AFOLs and fans of the brick, BrickJournal Magazine. Twomorrows Publishing will be providing a one year subscription to BrickJournal. 

And finally those illuminating geniuses at Brickstuff will be providing a Pico Light Board starter kit, so you can get started in the wonderful world of MOC lighting.

A huge thanks to these and all the sponsors of NERDvember, you all rock!. Stay tuned for more updates and if you haven't already started building, you better get on it!

Brickstuff Coming To The UK And Europe


Scotland based Curious Minds has become the sole European and UK retailer for US based Brickstuff. This is great news for all my friends and fellow LEGO enthusiasts across the pond. I'm a huge fan of Brickstuff and it's founder Rob Klingberg. I've used their lighting products in every stop-motion short I've produced and will continue to do so.

Visit Curious Minds' website for more information and get your lighting on!