Human Sized Minifig Weapons

Bill Doran of Punished Props Academy has posted a video that intersects Nerds&Makers and BrickNerd, so much so that this is the first ever cross post between both websites. Bill went old school classic castle and crafted props of both a sword and shield using common materials and fairly basic tools. And in their classic style he and Brit documented the whole process in great detail. Check out the video!

LEGO Arctic Air Transport Takes To The Sky Thanks To FliteTest

The antics of the FliteTest crew is one of my YouTube guilty pleasures. Yesterday they unveiled a video that effectively intersects my love of tinkering and LEGO, and brings everyone’s childhood dream to life. Check out this video of the conversion of LEGO 60193 to an actual flying model, with surprisingly minimal modifications.

How do you spell SNOT

The Oxford English Dictionary is looking to add Hobby words to their quest to be "The definitive record of the English language."  Through a crowd sourcing effort at  hobby words, acronyms, and phrases can be entered, with definitions and other information about the word.  The more that is enterred the better lets get LEGO Terms in the OED!


BrickNerd Wants You!


Like LEGO? Spend part of every day drooling over cool creations on Flickr? Love to share your enthusiasm? Do you like words and using them to describe things? Can you name every cast member of Star Wars? Then you sound like BrickNerd material! If you'd like to join the "Nerd Herd" drop me a line at with the subject "sign me up!" and let's see if you have what it takes to join the ranks!

The Disney Wonder And Extended Fish

At this very moment I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Diego with my family, waiting for our boarding time for the Disney Wonder cruise ship. We love cruising Disney, and do so fairly often. One of the things we do to bring even more magic to the journey is participate in “fish extenders”, a sort of secret gift exchange. Outside every stateroom is a fish emblem that is used to deliver messages, participants bring little multi-pocket hangers to hang on the fish (thereby extending it, get it?). You sign up to a group before you depart and bring gifts to drop off for others, and in turn find little surprises in yours every time you come back to your room. One of the gifts we’ve given away is this little model kit of the boat I designed. Perhaps some day we'll be cruising together and you'll find one of these in your Fish Extender.