Sci-Fi guy ska2d2 has returned to minifig scale with this nifty rig.  You may recall his micro fleet posted back in December. What I like about RED3 is there's no pretense of aerodynamics.  Bulky and practical, no frills save the black and yellow checker details.  Scroll through the photostream to see some nice up-close shots, like the retractable cockpit action.  And good luck finding an exposed stud on this baby.  I couldn't.


You Scream, I Scream

We all scream for this wonderful ice cream MOC by shfio. The studs out SNOT construction of this delicately swirled ABS treat are a wonder to behold. We've all seen builds of this type before, but the fact that it not only swirls upward but also diminishes as it goes up sort of blows my mind. It's like a brain freeze, without all the calories.