A Fate Worse Than Getting Blown Out Of An Airlock

Builder dvdliu has an interesting thought experiment. What if xenomorphs (the aliens in the Alien movies) developed developed a civilized and "normal" lifestyle? Well, here's a peek at what that might look like, and it's sort of dreary. Yes, I wouldn't wish a desk job, especially wearing a tie, on anyone...or anything. 

Alien in Office
Alien in Office

Crime Scene Recreation

WARNING, the following images may be unsuitable for some viewers

In late 1978 a crime was committed that the world has never quite recovered from. I can tell you as a first hand witness to this heinous event, I was scarred for life. I am referring of course to the Star Wars Holiday Special which aired November 17, 1978...a day that will live in infamy. Builder storm_tk431 has brilliantly recreated just one of the many scenes of this crime, so that we many never forget.


Millennial Falcon

What's this? Is it a Corellian freighter from a galaxy far, far away? No, it's avocado toast and a pumpkin spice latte taking a selfie courtesy of the wonderfully bent sense of humor of Melan-E and Ochre Jelly. Speaking of Corellian freighters, did you know our pals at Brothers Brick are giving away one? All you have to do is build your own, so get to it.

Millennial Falcon


Here's a little something by builder tigertvi to help you get through these challenging times. With the economy, hurricanes, fires, questionable "leadership" and everything else going on in the world that is constantly attempting to harsh your mellow, use this image to help get you through. Inspired by The Oatmeal, this rimshot cat is the perfect punchline emphasis for all the jokes that life is throwing at us right now. When something hits, just think of this, go "ba-dum-tss", and push on.