Please Dress Appropriately for Tonight’s Invasion

This is one of those pieces that got me with the shear whimsy of it.  I’m sure Umbra-Manis is not the first person to pun on “TIE” in this manor, but did so in a way that brought a big smile to my face on a day when I needed it. The use of the wavy castle flags (4495) for intakes is clever, as they are uncommon in sci-fi builds and adds a bit of a cloth like texture to the bowtie. Next time you need your star fighters to be dressed to impress, Umbra-Manis’ Osiris Fleet Systems are the folks to call.

Iron Builders

Yes, another Iron Builder is unfolding, so brace yourselves. This round is two builders you won't wrinkle your nose at, namely 2 Much Caffeine vs kosbrick. The seed part this time around is the paint roller handle, which both builders had a pressing need to turn into iron handles. I'm excited for this round right down the fabric of my being. Yes, that's four puns in a single post, don't get steamed (five, I'll show myself out).

I am an Iron Builder
Vintage Iron

You Are Under A Rest!

This one slipped under my radar last month, and almost slipped under it today too. The bars and notes here are so well crafted I had no idea they were bricks, even after looking at the full size image. The only giveaway was the stair stepping on those last two notes. Besides that it makes excellent use of that most underrated form of humor, the pun. Well played, Vakkron, well played (get it? Well "played"... get it? nyuck nyuck, I'll show myself out.)

You Are Under a Rest

Seuss Army Knife

Any Cub Scout will tell you that "be prepared" is the Scout motto. Ever since I was a neckerchiefed little snot nose I've had assorted multi-tools and knives-of-many-blades. But none have been as cool as this MOC by vitreolum. You just never know when you'll need a boxing glove or a bubble gun, and with a Seuss Army Knife in your pocket, you'll be prepared.

Seuss Army Knife