Is there anything more beautiful than a classic violin? The sculpted forms, purposeful and elegant, practical and purely aesthetic, all come together to make an item not only lovely to look at, but also wonderful to listen to. This brick version by builder ZetoVince combines a lot of clever building and parts to hit every note, and the final results are stunning.


Les Miserables

I've never seen the play Les Miserables, but I recognized this instantly. It's the iconic climax of the play musical Les Miserables. During my time in London I walked past the theater where this was playing every day, but it never really interested me. The construction and attention to detail in this MOC by W. Navarre is exquisite, and looks like it's right out of the show program.

The War Between Four Walls

You Are Under A Rest!

This one slipped under my radar last month, and almost slipped under it today too. The bars and notes here are so well crafted I had no idea they were bricks, even after looking at the full size image. The only giveaway was the stair stepping on those last two notes. Besides that it makes excellent use of that most underrated form of humor, the pun. Well played, Vakkron, well played (get it? Well "played"... get it? nyuck nyuck, I'll show myself out.)

You Are Under a Rest