Even though they were some of the more difficult levels, I always enjoyed the airship levels when playing Mario. They're just so different from the rest of the levels, even though that auto-scroll gets obnoxious. This awesome version of Bowser's airship by Nick Brick has all the necessary features: the cannons, the goofy propellers, and Bowser Jr.'s little flying machine. I really like how clean and polished this build is, it makes it feel very cartoony (and therefore accurate to the source material). It's very cool to see a 3-dimensional version of this ship.

Gamerfleet - Bowser's Airship

Henchman in a Half-Shell

 Koen (whose video-game style you may recognize) has just put out a fantastic model of Koopa Troopa from the Mario games. In the brief amount of time I spent playing Nintendo games as a kid (mostly Mario Kart), I remember enjoying this character more for his name than anything else, because it was so fun to say. Koopa Troopa!

Koopa Troopa

Plumbers On A Mission

I've played Mario and his brother in many of their adventures. The stand outs are Super Mario 64 and Luigi's Mansion of course, but there's been a lot of mischief these plumbers have gotten into. Interestingly enough, Mario actually started as a carpenter, and he only had a mustache because the limited pixel graphics of the age made it difficult to make faces. But even with the limited ABS voxels of today, builder 2 Much Caffeine managed to perfectly capture these two intrepid turtle stompers.

Brothers in brick