Imperial Airship Bricktania

Whenever I see an craft like this beautiful airship from builder Dale Harris I immediately go into filmmaker mode. I’m imagining not only this ship on a pedestal in front of a green screen, but the camera rig to shoot it, the composites to put it into whatever background is needed, the scene in which it’s featured and the music that would accompany it. Weird huh?

Check out more pics and several other excellent builds at his website


Even though they were some of the more difficult levels, I always enjoyed the airship levels when playing Mario. They're just so different from the rest of the levels, even though that auto-scroll gets obnoxious. This awesome version of Bowser's airship by Nick Brick has all the necessary features: the cannons, the goofy propellers, and Bowser Jr.'s little flying machine. I really like how clean and polished this build is, it makes it feel very cartoony (and therefore accurate to the source material). It's very cool to see a 3-dimensional version of this ship.

Gamerfleet - Bowser's Airship

Steaming Gracefully Through The Clouds

Now this is how you make an entrance! Builder baz is a newcomer to the AFOL scene, and this is quite the way to jump in. This is his first built, and it's 3 feet long, 3 feet high, 2 feet wide, and weights 10 pounds. But size isn't everything (in fact, it's not much in my opinion), this is just some stellar building and lovely steampunkery. Welcome to the fold baz!

Lego Steampunk Airship "Behemoth"
Lego Steampunk Airship "Behemoth"
Lego Steampunk Airship "Behemoth"