Me and a friend of mine were talking about this guy at lunch a couple days ago. He’s reading The Making of Alien book (still need to get my copy) and the story of how Ridley Scott came to direct and how HR Giger landed the job of designer is interesting. It’s just one of those series of events in life that seem pretty uneventful in time, but when looking back, it was fate. And the result is one of the most iconic creatures ever to grace the screen, and make us scream. The version by Build Better Bricks will get your heart pumping too, and what’s even better is you can buy instructions for him and build your own!

The Making of Alien
By J.W. Rinzler

The Disney Wonder And Extended Fish

At this very moment I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Diego with my family, waiting for our boarding time for the Disney Wonder cruise ship. We love cruising Disney, and do so fairly often. One of the things we do to bring even more magic to the journey is participate in “fish extenders”, a sort of secret gift exchange. Outside every stateroom is a fish emblem that is used to deliver messages, participants bring little multi-pocket hangers to hang on the fish (thereby extending it, get it?). You sign up to a group before you depart and bring gifts to drop off for others, and in turn find little surprises in yours every time you come back to your room. One of the gifts we’ve given away is this little model kit of the boat I designed. Perhaps some day we'll be cruising together and you'll find one of these in your Fish Extender.


Modular Arcade

If you're not familiar with Chris McVeigh's modular arcade series you need to be. While the coin-op arcade seems to be a thing of the past, you can relive those blipity blopity sore thumb days with these rad little machines. This year the collection expands with some new designs and they look absolutely awesome. You can build your own with free instructions (and dozens of others) at or preorder the kit right now. *Quarters not included

Modular Arcade (Gen 2)

Build This Porsche

The Arvo brothers are back, this time with some classic German automobile engineering. Way back in 2009 they built their first 911, and haven't lost their passion for this iconic performance car. This time however they've gone a step further, by making instructions so you too can build this beast. Hit them up at to get your hands on them.

911 Targa